headshot corielle heath lolQ: Why are you so funny?

A: Humor is endearing, influential and highly shareable. It allows me to make even the driest subject -- dentistry, for instance -- captivating and accessible.  Humor is the ideal vehicle for the candid, conversational communication style demanded by digital audiences.

Q: Can you take yourself seriously?

 A: I am programmed with a full range of emotions. My tone evolves in tandem with brand identity, audience and objective, but I am always honest and never careless.  

lair time

Q: Where do you tell "digital stories?"

A: My communications campaigns seed key messages across diverse web destinations, so audiences touch stories on numerous occasions and in a variety of forms.  A single story can manifest as a blog post, microsite, Facebook album and custom Google map. 

Or a Flipboard Magazine!

Or a Flipboard Magazine!

Read my career manifesto, "I Am Unique and Occasionally Make Mirth."


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